While learning from r/bitcoin, I began seeing posts from people that had “lost” their coins. Coins were “lost” by incorrectly recording recovery phrases (BIP39 seeds), by using buggy wallets, and sometimes just from not understanding how bitcoin works.

I realized I could help many of these people and started doing so in my spare time. I have a handful of linked references below, however I have helped many more people than this. I never ask for a fee when recovering bitcoin, but I do appreciate a tip if I’m able to help. If you need something, let me know!


In general it is a very bad idea to give anyone your private bitcoin information. There are a lot of scammers out there! Because of this, I completely understand not wanting to give me any of your information, and am happy to try to help you without you having to trust me. I only recommend “full trust recovery” if 1) it’s a small amount you are willing to risk losing, 2) you’re already counting it as a loss, or 3) don’t have the physical setup required to use the various recovery tools.

Option #1 Zero Trust Recovery

You stay in full control through the entire process. We can communicate through a messaging service while I try to walk you through the steps that I would take in order to recover your coins.

Option #2 Full Trust Recovery

This requires your trust. You give me your private information (seed, wallet files, possible passwords, etc.) and I will attempt to recover your coins on a clean offline Linux environment.


DarkWallet – Stuck Funds

Thank you for your help I ended up accessing [my wallet] through some of your old posts and tutorials.

mattkinghtx (Github)
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Ledger – Seed Recovery

I just wanted to follow this up with a resolution to my problem. Thanks to my new hero Travis (grnqrtr) who pointed me in the right direction!

zarinmedia (Github)
Reference | Original Post

Ledger – Invalid Seed

RESOLVED – I used u/grnqrtr full trust services and he found the incorrect word in my seed and was able to recover all my BTC and ETH!!! Highly recommended.

MOHSHSIHd84 (Reddit)
Reference | Original Post

DarkWallet – Seed Issue

@grnqrtr again I would like to thank you for helping me out – you truly are BTC problem solver 🙂

I don’t know how you did it (many have tried) but you got my money back (after 2 years of trying)!!! I can’t express how happy I am – once again many thanks!

ElVrana (Github)
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DarkWallet – Export Bug

Thanks a bunch @grnqrtr for giving me a bunch of information and resources in order to find my missing btc from darkwallet. Even after I couldn’t find them, he was nice enough to use my seed then find my BTC for me and send it to my own electrum wallet. Very trustworthy, knowledgable, and a super nice person.

Chon1 (Github)
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Multibit – Recovery

Serious thanks to this guy! Great guy, trustworthy, and solved my problem!

NostawE (Reddit)
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DarkWallet – Recovery

Had looked at another thread of him helping someone and decided out of the blue to message him as I had bit coins stuck for almost a year now. Within a day he has managed to get my £350 worth of BTC out and literally saved my day.

Made my day man!

biorapid (Github)

DarkWallet – Export Keys

Big thanks for help to @grnqrtr . He told me what soft i need use to export the keys and how to find the right wallet. I myself would hardly have mastered it. Best regards, my friend!

rocketsky (Github)
Reference | Original Post

DarkWallet – Stuck BTC

Thanks so much for helping me! My lost bitcoins are on their way to my shiny new (and working) wallet! Thanks again buddy!

SarahSingSong (Reddit)

Trezor – BIP39 Seed

Okay folks, I’m so happy to tell you that my wallet problem has been resolved. I owe an awful lot of gratitude to grnqrtr for his endless patience. He walked me through some real technical process and recovered my wallet. Only one wrong word and 3 months of anxiety!! He is a great guy.

bitcrazy71 (Reddit)
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Luxstack – Buggy Wallet

[Recovered 1.46 BTC] Posting to confirm this. /u/grnqrtr was very helpful!

AnarchoSurfer (Reddit)
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Luxstack – Invalid Seed

I trusted this guy with my 800 bucks worth of bitcoin [2 BTC] as I had ‘lost them’ and in doing so my faith in humanity has been restored…… not everyone is trying to scam you! its good to know there are still some decent in the world. Thanks again dude!

farfle39 (Reddit)
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